No need to Price Shop, Vet Hop, Avoid Treatment or Feel the Sting of a Vet Bill. The Most Advanced Health Maintenance, Diagnostic and Treatment Options Are Affordable with Perfect Wellness Plans™.

Eagle’s Landing Veterinary Hospital is committed to offering Excellent Care That is Affordable. When you purchase a Perfect Wellness Plan™ that is tailored to meet your pet’s needs, you do not have to spend time shopping around for the lowest vaccination costs, prevention products, exam fees, diagnostics or treatment.

All our Wellness Plans cover standard services and include many Critical Services* at no additional cost. Critical Services are wellness and treatment procedures that are medically necessary and beneficial but are often ignored because of financial concerns.

Perfect Wellness Plan™ members save an average of 35% on their annual pet health care costs.

Services Included in your Perfect Wellness PlanDog Wellness PlansCat Wellness PlansCritical Services*
Puppy PlanAdult PlanSenior PlanKitten PlanAdult PlanSenior Plan
Free Annual Wellness Exam
Unlimited Free Exams
FREE Vaccines & Boosters (DHPP, Rabies, Kennel Cough, Lyme, Influenza, Leptospirosis, FDRCP)
FREE Internal Parasite Screening, FIV, FeLV, FIP, & Heartworm Screenings
FREE Chest Radiograph (Cancer Screening) & Electrocardiogram (Heart Screening)
FREE Basic Diagnostics & Pre-Operative Lab Work*
FREE Spay & Neuter + Operative IV Catheter & Fluids
Free Comprehensive Wellness Blood Panel & Urinalysis
Unlimited FREE Anal Gland Expressions
FREE De-Worming
FREE Dental Exams
FREE Annual Dental Cleaning
10% Discount on All Other Services

*Critical Services. Major animal medicine professionals recommend services that most clients do not seek because those services may be expensive or perceived as unnecessary. The recommendations come from credible organizations such as:

Many pet owners understand the importance of blood work and dental treatment for their senior pets but very few take their pets to the vet for biannual exams. And even fewer visit their vet for diagnostic exams like radiography, ECG and Blood Panels.

Regular blood work and diagnostic exams are essential for illness and disease prevention. Many early symptoms of serious conditions go undetected. Regular examinations that include advanced diagnostics such as radiography, ECG and Blood Panels can quickly identify things like heart disease, dental disease, kidney failure, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases. Undetected, these diseases can progress to advanced stages and become very expensive to treat. Many diseases become terminal when left untreated. Treatment can be less successful when a disease is diagnosed in advanced stages. Most importantly, delaying treatment can be more painful for your pet, a longer, more difficult healing process and shortened life span.

Many times, early detection and treatment can be as simple as lifestyle or diet changes.

Perfect Wellness Plans ™ make early detection affordable. With free unlimited exams, most diagnostic screenings and free dental exams, we can assist you in keeping your pet happy and healthy for a long time.

We’ve Got You Covered!™

We offer canine and feline Perfect Wellness Plans™ for each and every stage of your pet’s life. Fido and Felix have different health care needs as puppies and kittens than they will as mature and aging dogs and cats. And for the big health events or emergencies, we offer Care Credit to help make those hard financial decisions easier.

For example: Ranger is a healthy 2yr. old Lab who requires the minimum to maintain his good health and may have one (or two!) minor health event such as an ear infection, a limp, or have eaten something he should not. The cost to care for Fido in a year might be:

ServiceLowest CostPerfect Wellness Plan
Comprehensive Semiannual Exams$40.00 X 2 = $80.00FREE
DHPP Vaccination$37.50FREE
Rabies Vaccination$24.00FREE
Leptospirosis Vaccination$26.00FREE
Deworming (twice yearly)$16.05 X 2 = $32.10FREE
Heartworm Test$35.00FREE
Internal Parasite Screening$24.70FREE
Illness or Injury Related Exam$42.00FREE
Screening or Diagnostic Blood Work$96.20FREE
Ear Swab & Cytology$46.96$42.26
Medical Progress Exam$34.00FREE
Nail Trims (three time yearly)$14.00 X 3 = $42.00FREE
Baths (three times yearly)$39.71 X 3 = $119.13FREE
Wellness Plan Monthly Premium$31.95
Total Annual Cost$639.59425.66
TOTAL ANNUAL SAVINGS of Almost 33%$189.33

If Fido has a second unexpected health event…he insists on eating Felix’s cat food despite how sick it makes him feel!…that’s another $288.00 for an Exam, Diagnostic Blood Work, Radiographs, and Medical Progress Exam that would add to your annual pet health care cost. With the Perfect Wellness Plan™, your annual pet health care costs would be greatly reduced when Fido has his second unexpected health event, or third, fourth, fifth…

Take the sting out of the unexpected vet bills. All our Perfect Wellness Plans™ include unlimited free exams and basic lab work.* So, if Fido has a run-in with the neighbor’s cat or he is scratching his ears all the time, you can bring him in for an exam and it won’t cost you a thing*.

Now, let’s take Chico, a 6 year old chihuahua.  He may have slowed down, gained some weight and begun to experience some of the health conditions typical for chihuahuas. Some conditions are easily treated or even preventable if caught early. When Fido is a mature 5yrs. old, a year of health care costs might be:

ServiceLowest CostPerfect Wellness Plan
Semiannual Comprehensive Exams$40.00 X 2 = $80.00FREE
Vaccinations (Rabies, Kennel Cough, Influenza)$24.00 + $32.24 + $21.84 = $78.08FREE
Heartworm Test$35.00FREE
Deworming (twice yearly)$16.0 X 2 = $32.10FREE
Internal Parasite Screening$24.70FREE
Wellness or Diagnostic Bloodwork$95.78FREE
Radiographs (cancer and heart disease screening)$209.00FREE
Illness/Injury Exam$42.00FREE
Dermatological Diagnostics$110.90$99.80
Medical Progress Exam to Check Skin$34.00FREE
Dental Exam & Cleaning$212.94FREE
Dental Cleaning IV Cather & Fluids (CDC & AVMA recommended)$31.00FREE
2 Diseased Teeth Extractions$171.45154.30
Medical Progress Exam to Check Skin$34.00FREE
Exam Checking Behavior Changes$42.00FREE
Nail trims (three times yearly)$14.00 X 3 = $42.00FREE
Baths (three times yearly)$39.71 X 3 = $119.13FREE
Wellness Plan Monthly Premium-$41.95
Total Annual Cost$1498.08$911.80
TOTAL ANNUAL SAVINGS of Over 44%$586.28

As your pet continues to age, our unique advanced treatment options provide better pain management, can slow the progression of illness and disease, promote healing, extend the life of your pet, and overall, better outcomes. These treatment options can be expensive but with the Perfect Wellness Plans™, the value to your pet will exceed your costs. We stand behind our vow to make quality treatment more affordable. The key to affordable access to quality treatment is our Perfect Wellness Plans™.

Our pets are like family members. You should not have to sacrifice quality family health care to save money. Our Perfect Wellness Plans™ make quality, advanced diagnostic, treatment and health maintenance affordable for everyone. Our Perfect Wellness Plans™ also ensure that you are getting a consistently low price for products and services without having to spend time researching prices and promotions.

Shopping around for the lowest costs and “vet-hopping” is understandable. But it can also have a negative affect your pet’s health. There is a reason why your health insurance company requires that you select a single Primary Care Physician. The first time you see that doctor they do a thorough examination and document your health history. You and your doctor discuss immediate health concerns and create a plan to keep you healthy. When you call with questions or concerns, the staff knows who you are and your doctor already knows your history which helps them quickly provide answers and advice. When you experience an illness, injury, or complication, your doctor will see you without delay and be able to treat you quickly since he knows your history.

We encourage you to establish a Primary Care Physician for your pet. If price and costs are your concern and preventing you from establishing a history with one vet, the Perfect Wellness Plans™ will help make the decision easier. You will save an average 45% on your pet health care costs and we will partner with you to create the happiest, healthiest, longest life possible for your four-legged family member.