Understanding your pet’s illness or injury is Step 1 in finding the best treatment options for optimal recovery. Second opinions are always free at Eagle’s Landing Veterinary Hospital.

Quality care that is affordable is Step 2.

If you’ve been given an expensive estimate by your vet, OR your pet just doesn’t seem to be getting better, OR maybe your vet won’t even call you back… you need a 2nd Opinion.

Now you can get that 2nd opinion for free. Call us at (770) 954-1414. We will schedule your free second opinion as soon as possible. Or you can request your second opinion online.

Eagle’s Landing Veterinary Hospital offers unique Wellness Plans that could save you money on advanced diagnostic or traditional treatment your pet might need following your FREE 2nd Opinion. If you choose to participate in the Perfect Wellness Plan™, your follow up visits are free. Our Perfect Wellness Plan™ members also receive a 10% discount on advanced treatment options like therapeutic laser treatment. Ask about our Perfect Wellness Plans™ when you schedule your FREE 2nd Opinion.

When you schedule your appointment, please complete the New Patient Medical Forms and bring them with you to save time.

If you can relate to any of the following situations, then it might be time for you to get a 2nd opinion:

  1. Are you new to the area and need to find a vet who respects you and your pet and will work with you to get your pet the care he or she needs?
  2. Does your beloved pet have a chronic condition that your vet just doesn’t seem to be able to fix?  Painful ears, red itchy skin, difficulty standing or walking?
  3. Now that your pet has a serious problem does your vet seem unwilling to work with you to find a way for you to get the care he or she needs?  Are you faced with an estimate that’s out of your range and unsure what to do?
  4. Is your vet unable or unwilling to call you back and follow-up on the treatment you are attempting?

We can’t guarantee that we can cure your pet, but we can promise:

  • A complete and thorough FREE examination of your pet by an experienced highly educated and compassionate veterinarian.
  • A FREE treatment plan outlining our plan to get your pet well.
  • Lower prices than the specialists on complicated surgical procedures and hospitalizations such as: Cruciate ligament repair, bladder stone removals (cystotomy), cherry eye repair, splenectomy, fracture repairs, parvovirus, pancreatitis, acute poisoning, and many more.

In order to perform a complete exam for free we need to see your pet’s medical history.  Please give us the name of your old vet when you call so we can request those records.